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  1. D


    I was flying my breeze and all of a sudden it just started flying sideways and into a tree. The only damage was I had to reconnect two of the landing legs and the top part of the body has a crack. The next time I flew it the breeze hovered at 3 feet on takeoff then all of a sudden took off...
  2. E

    Flyaway - new Typhoon H - 5th Flight

    Had a flyaway today during our third flight of the day (5th flight overall on the aircraft). Result is a total loss (aircraft in water). Details below: We conducted our checklist as usual and ensured props were on correctly, batteries charged night prior, battery inserted correctly, camera...
  3. K

    Error codes web path

    Hi, does anyone know what the numbers next to the error codes stand for?
  4. S

    Update on my "Bad Bird" Typhoon H Pro that flew the coop (fly away)

    I posted at the end of January about my Bad Bird Flyaway which ended up a 100' skinny tree in a forest of sorts and was not accessible. The detailed can be found in this forum. Anyway, Yuneec did the right thing and replace all of it. Took a little over a month but they were great and easy to...
  5. B

    Military Drone Flyaway

    Yes, I guess it can happen. Still, it must be a nightmare of you being in charge of a 1.5 million dollar drone and having it just take off on you. Worse yet, how can you trace where it is going to? Being not too far from the Mexico border perhaps part of my concern would be if the drone flies...
  6. S

    Fly Away - Typhoon H Pro (after firmware update)

    I installed the latest firmware updated and checked both the controller and a/c for it. As instructed, I erased all previous data. Then rebound camera and controller. Re-checked all settings including 121 meter RTH altitude. Calibrated IMU and Compass. All batteries freshly charged. I took...
  7. danyko30

    Biggest problem with the TH is not the bird but the ST-16...

    After researching for weeks about flyaways, unstable mid air idle and erratic flights and probably 20% of human error... The main problem 80% seems to be faulty hardware stick control, some of them the right stick but most of them the left stick specially the (yaw) where the controller seems to...
  8. S

    Typhoon H Pro with RealSense fly away (although not "too far")

    I've got my H for about 2 weeks. I have lots of Phantom experience and currently also fly a P4. So, took off with Angle Mode. Stayed in position for a minute to "let it get its bearings". YES I did a compass calibration, which I do before any flight at any location. YES, I did a gimbal and...

    What to do when your TYPHOON H suddenly FLYS AWAY!!!

    First let me say to YUNEEC... You have a "flyaway" problem with the Typhoon H. My Typhoon H did what many others on this forum have been saying... It literally flew away out of control!!!! I'm running the latest Firmware. I have the flight data and when you replay it, you can clearly see...
  10. C

    Seems like fly-aways should be be fairly simple to prevent

    Assuming that most fly-aways are due to errant GPS signals, it seems that Yuneec should be modifying the software to look for large, odd jumps in GPS position. You're flying along with a good set of coordinates, then suddenly the bird thinks it's a half mile from where it was? Obviously...
  11. Fleamac

    GPS tracker for flyaways

    Hey gang! I just activated a small tracker. It comunicates via sms texts. It's the TK 102-2. $24 on Amazon. I used a prepaid H20 sim card for $.01 and loaded it with $10.00. I attached it to the top inside of a leg on the Q500 4K with a velcro strap. Some reviews complain about it being hard to...