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GPS tracker for flyaways

Nov 1, 2015
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West Michigan
Hey gang! I just activated a small tracker. It comunicates via sms texts. It's the TK 102-2. $24 on Amazon.
I used a prepaid H20 sim card for $.01 and loaded it with $10.00.
I attached it to the top inside of a leg on the Q500 4K with a velcro strap.

Some reviews complain about it being hard to activate. I didn't have a problem.
This little thing has LOTS of cool features that can be used for other applications, *cough* teenagers...
I hope not to need it, but $35 to find my new expensive quad is worth it.

This video gives a decent demo.
Thanks Fleamac for a very well put together video. Couple of questions......how long does the battery last if no calls made and will it work in Australia?
Thanks Fleamac for a very well put together video. Couple of questions......how long does the battery last if no calls made and will it work in Australia?

That video was the best simplest demonstration of the unit I've seen. I don't know that guy or his company.

Regarding working 'down under', the best instructions for the tracker are here, TK102 GPS Tracker Command Instructions

That link takes you to an Australian company. So.... I think it'll work there. :)

One battery is supposed to last at least a week. It comes with two. Plus it'll text you when the battery is getting low!
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I'll report when I get my first 'low battery' text from the unit. It's still showing me that it's 100% on the battery. After 4 days! And I've been pinging it a lot, playing with it.

You can send it a text and ask how it's doing. Pretty cool.

I took it with me today, and while driving I called it. It text back the location and its speed. It was correct!
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I used to use one of those, it was a decent unit. Does it still have the audio feature?
Watch out for counterfeit versions of them as they are everywhere, especially ebay.
I switched to the PocketFinder as it was smaller, simpler and has great features.
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I used one for a year and went down in some woods and the back came off and the battery came out so I looked for 3 days before I found it . Other than that It always was spot on .
I now use the TK109B which has the battery internally . Works great .
I too spotted the fakes. I made sure this was a decent unit. I think it's the real deal. It does have the audio monitor feature.


Dirk, you must have crashed hard for the cover to come off. Maybe I'll put a wrap of electrical tape around it.
We're going to get a few more trackers. I'll look at the 109B. What's the difference? Besides internal battery.
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Had zip ties around it and they broke .Bad cell caused it to auto land through some tree's and found it here near creek.jpg Only difference I've seen is it's just a little squarer and the battery is internal . Works the same way . Is just updated . I don't use any of the other features .
Here they are b.jpg
Came close to the creek huh :)
Ok I found the unit in Amazon like you said but I'm not understanding the sim car - Amazon includes a sim card but how do i activate it so its working

Also I seen the H20 sim card do i need that as well.

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Thanks for the reply what exactly is the H2O sim card they have packaged with it can I use that to find the GPS device ? or do I have to buy a plan or pay as you go phone - I'm a bit confused on the sim card!

You only need 1 tracker and 1 sim card for cellular service.

You can get any sim card. It's the same thing that's in your cell phone. But here, you don't have to buy a phone, just the sim. They're available from many companies. I just happened to one from H20.


After getting the sim, I went to their website, used the activation code on the sim to activate the it. Paid $10. They give it a phone number with your country and area codes.
Put it in the tracker and off ya go.

The GPS tracker uses cell signals to communicate. That's why you need the sim. No cell signal, no tracking.
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OK the $10 last for how many months or is it a number of calls or texts

Also does the sim card have to be in the tracker or do they just activate it when it hits the repeaters the first time

Yep the sim gets installed in the tracker. Watch the video above.
I've seen those other trackers. I figured $40 p/yr was acceptable. ($10 p/3 months)

Here's some others to look at besides the one I'm using.
1. Flytrex Live
2. Trackimo
3. Drone-Mods
I'll report when I get my first 'low battery' text from the unit.
Ok, 8 days. After 8 days it texted me a "low battery 33%". I've been pinging it a lot. So if I leave it alone it might last longer.

Also, dropped the new battery in and it fired right up on its own.

I'm happy with this little unit. Especially after reading that someone had a flyaway. That would not be cool!
Be very careful buying these. There are MANY knock offs out there that do not preform as well. Also, many trackers use 2G service which will be discontinued in the US by this time next year (Dec.2016).

I tried a TK-102 but sold it as I didn't care for it. It was not waterproof and had a habit of ejecting the battery upon impact, not a good scenario should it go down. I ended up buying the PocketFinder which is waterproof, has an internal battery, a really nice device app with unlimited request, full tracking, on demand tracking, etc. and it came with a set period of free months and after that it was $10 a month after. It too uses 2G so it will cease to function in a year. By that time I am hoping a better solution will make it's way to market.

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