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follow me mode

  1. S

    Using the Breeze to track off-road motorcycle riding

    One of the aspects of the Breeze 4K I find most useful is the "Follow me" mode. I have been experimenting with the practicality of using it to follow me and recording video while riding on the motorcycle. Although I have been able to record some successful footage with this goal, it has not...
  2. JulesTEO

    Did my Typhoon H refuse to land?

    I honestly thought I had my first "My Typhoon H wont land" Experience, a few days ago. But just as I was reviewing the footage I realized it was just me. Plain and simple pilot error. The very first thing that came to my mind was the thread by @CraigCam "always the machine, never the operator".
  3. D

    Follow Me Mode "OBS" warning even when off

    Hi guys I was testing some of the features on my drone and I had it follow a car in a rural area. (I was not driving ofc) It seems once you get to over 45kmh-75kmh the drone would give me a "OBS Not available" warning ever few seconds making it VERY difficult to do anything else. This is EVEN...