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Follow Me Mode "OBS" warning even when off

Nov 10, 2016
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Hi guys
I was testing some of the features on my drone and I had it follow a car in a rural area. (I was not driving ofc)
It seems once you get to over 45kmh-75kmh the drone would give me a
"OBS Not available" warning ever few seconds making it VERY difficult to do anything else.
This is EVEN when its not even enabled.
You can NOT click it away and the only way I found is to switch it from OFF to middle, then back to OFF again and it would stay away for a few seconds.
This was purely a test and I dont think i would need it but I need to know that i would be able to get it to follow lets say a jetsky at that pace and allow me to actually see what the F I am filming.

Its a Typhoon H Pro with RealSense etc but I rarely use OBS Ever except for the testing I did.

Any suggestions would be appreciated
switch is fine.
Only seems to do it in follow me mode and as far as i can tell only at higher speeds.
Does not do it under 45kmh (30mph) ~
Gets worst the faster the drone follows.
I would say few times a minute at around 45 and probably 15-25times a minute at around 60kmh+

All works perfectly well in all other conditions.
I have re-flushed the firmware on controller and drone and will probably try at some point again but the chance that is the issue is almost 0% as i have no other issues with the drone etc.
This is very interesting. I do not remembering hearing this before.
Did you try going to "other options" and unchecking the RealSense box? Just curious, I know that should not be necessary.

If you will, please call YuneecUSA, I think it's 1-844-898-6332, they're on Pacific Time, see what they say about that, and report back.
I get this message sometimes too, in preflight. I think it attributes to a lack of an accurate GPS fix and therefore disables OBS.

My pet hate is that it comes up and covers the screen... handy when trying to swerve around trees using the screen!

If it happens mid flight, I'd abort the flight and land as soon as possible until it stablises. It may be worth recalibrating the compass etc. Last time it happened, I was doing some preflight checks with the Typhoon sitting on a metal bench, and the error came up. So I attributed that to the metal bench interfering with the GPS.

Your flight logs write out errors and other information, might be worth having a browse through those!

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