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  1. Eagle's Eye Video

    How To: Advanced Functions - Cruise Control, CCC, POI, Orbit Me, Follow Me

    These videos cover some of the advanced functions of the Typhoon H Series... Cruise Control and Autonomous Flight Programming: CCC, POI, Orbit Me, Follow Me. This first video by our own @Ty Pilot , on Cruise Control with the D pads: and this video by @CAPTAINDRONE The following video...
  2. M

    Difference between "Watch Me" and "Follow Me".

    So I've watched many Youtube videos and I still can't figure what the difference is between "Watch Me" and "Follow Me". Does anyone know what the difference is?
  3. D

    Follow Me Mode "OBS" warning even when off

    Hi guys I was testing some of the features on my drone and I had it follow a car in a rural area. (I was not driving ofc) It seems once you get to over 45kmh-75kmh the drone would give me a "OBS Not available" warning ever few seconds making it VERY difficult to do anything else. This is EVEN...
  4. James_perth

    Team mode using Wizard and ST16

    Hi. I'm a new member from Perth, Western Australia and looking for a bit of clarification before committing to a Typhoon H. What I'm looking to understand is if I'm using team mode to film someone kitesurfing (for example), am I able to override / exit the follow/watch me mode and regain...