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    I had a little bit of a hard landing (I didnt think it was bad enought for this to happen but it did) it didnt tip over or anything but someof the wires on the gimbal came off and Im not sure which ones go where, if anyone can help I would really appreciate it. THANKS in adavance.
  2. T

    CGO2 Tilt problem...

    I have an issue with my Yuneec Q500+...I crashed it into a tree....a blade broke and the CGO2-camera fell off...and now to my problem: the camera ripped off from the gimbal and the connector cable was damaged... on the circuit board the connection a place for the power-supply was damaged and on...
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    Missing Gimble Pieces? - Can someone please verify

    Hello again folks.... I've had my H for about 2 weeks now and had fun flying it. I've been piloting her very "gingerly" as I learn how it works and feels, and so far...no crashes or hard landings (knock on wood)! I mention this because I just noticed last night that there were what looked like...
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    Flight four.........CRASH

    OK, it was my mistake. Pretty much. Launched fine. Went to hit the gear up switch and grazed the far right toggle with my wrist, putting it in SAFE mode. She bolts straight away from me, as programmed, and right into a wall. All in slow motion. I knew I had lost control, knew my wrist had...
  5. L

    ST12 for pilot and ST16 for gimbal operator?

    Hi guys, new here, I am interested buying a Typhoon H, but I have to check. Main advantage for me is the possibility of the pilot+operator team mode, but I m not quite sure yet how it works. Would it be possible for the pilot to use the ST12 while the camera operator could use the ST16? Is...
  6. C

    Where to buy Gimbal control board ?

    I pulled my wires off and also damaged the board. Yuneec won't sell me the board. They say they they have the board but it's only for service to use and to repair at 50 bucks an hour and won't sell it to me. Does anyone know where I can get the board?
  7. D

    Wanted: Gimbal for GoPro 4 silver, for Yuneec Q500.

    Anyone have a GoPro gimbal (new), for sale? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Daniel