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  1. A

    Can I install only the gimbal firmware to Typhoon H480 ?

    I will find out that can I install only the gimbal firmware version to the Typhoon H480. For example downgrading the gimbal version from 1.25 to 1.22 and then installing the v1.25 back. There is N/A on Gimbal version section. And where I can download old Typhoon H's firmwares ?
  2. M

    Camera Gimbal Not Working and Gimbal Mount

    Hello! I have a Yuneec Q500 Typhoon and it has a CGO2GB Camera/Gimbal. When my Q500 is turned on the CGO2GB does not stabilize and does not function other than video. It has a green light but is making a beeping pattern of two slow and three fast beeps. I see no disconnected wires and am unsure...
  3. S

    CGO3+ gimbal pitch tilt limited to narrow range

    During the most recent flight of my Yuneec Typhoon H with CGO3+, I flew a tad too low over a roof and clipped the bottom of the camera on the top of the roof ridge. No crash, but the event force rotated the camera in the gimbal such that it was jammed 90 degrees on the roll axis, and broke the...
  4. J

    Client Turned on dron with Gimbal Cover still on

    Hey guys! today a client called me because his camera gimbal wasnt tilting/panning, thought it could be a settings problem till he told me he turned on the drone with the gimbal cover on, when i turned the drone without the cover the gimbal cant do the classic calibration, im gussing the gears...
  5. J

    Brand new CG03+ for sale in the UK

    Hi all I have a brand new CG03+ for sale. I purchased it as a spare but find I don’t need it. Based in Wiltshire. Open to reasonable offers around £220
  6. J

    Typhoon H plus Gimbal issue ?

    Hi there, I must write again, cause my yuneec suprised me...again... I have problems on recording for few days. My gimbal shakes in annoying way . Take my video, where you can see everything . Any idea what can I do, if there's any way to fix it ?
  7. video-drone

    Pinouts for CGO3+ Camera/Gimbal?

    Does anyone have the pinouts for the CGO3+ Gimbal/Camera? Also has anyone graphed a third party gimbal onto the "H"? Thanks in advance!
  8. B

    Cannot control my camera

    I just unpackaged my typhoon and the first time I turned it on everything connected, I was able to bind the camera and drone just fine but the camera gimbal just beeps and kinda shakes, 7 beeps 4 tones the 3 quick beeps. I get video feed and can take pictures and video but zero control over the...
  9. JulesTEO

    Gimbal's worn (softer) vs. new (stiffer) rubber dampers comparison

    A while ago I noticed one of my CGO3+ camera/gimbal's rubber dampers had become a bit softer than they used to be. I've removed/reinstalled the same dampers over and over several times. And now it's easy to notice how softer they are, specially when comparing them to a newer set on another...
  10. J

    Gimbal Tilt (Velocity) strange behaviour

    I've been doing some testing of the vertical tilt using the ST16S whilst the H520 / E90 is static on the ground in preparation for my first proper job doing a little filming. I'm torn between Angle and Velocity mode - both have issues. That aside, when in Velocity mode, the 'neutral' point is...
  11. T

    Typhoon H - 4 dashes 3 dots audio

    First sign of trouble: During flight camera gimbal locked up. 1. Camera continued to transmit video 2. Gimbal began to tumble moderately 3. Thought it crashed...executed return to home successfully. Cycled power several times 1. Each time camera would go to odd canted position and lock up 2...
  12. S

    Switch gimbals model setup

    Hi! I just got a cgo-et gimbal and have successfully tested it. But I have a problem setting up the st16 in a good way so I can easily switch between my original cgo3 gimbal and the cgo-et. I would like to have two models programmed, and depending on which gimbal I currently have mounted, I...
  13. Cyberawe

    Calibration mode won't start for gimbal or compass and my typhoon h is brand new

    Got my typhoon H pro yesterday. Flew without calibration and it wasn't wanting to descend from high altitude which freaked me out but it came down very slowly eventually. It's hovering was a little shaky so this morning I tried to do the compass calibration. Went outside used app to face N and...
  14. T

    CGO3 3D printable Gimbal lock?

    I was wondering if anyone out there would like a challenge of designing a 3d printable CGO3 gimbal lock.
  15. T

    Typhoon G to 4K

    Can the gimbal and camera mount on the 'G' be changed to 4K unit and have it work correctly? Thanks all
  16. M

    Gimbal not pointing forward after cal

    Hi all, Been flying my H for a week or so without the camera, which incidently is really good fun. So, I snapped the CG03+ back on and it was facing around ten degrees to the left once it connected to the ST16. So, I set pan to zero, tilt to normal and did a gimbal calibration. Camera does not...
  17. V

    cgo3 vs cgo3-GB vs cgo3-GB+

    So I was looking at pricing for replacing my camera for my Q500 4K. I'm trying to figure out why the titles for these listings are different depending on where your looking (see above). I'm thinking the GB stands for gimbal but they all had the gimbal included and there were several that were...
  18. A

    CG03+ wire repair

    Still learning how to fly and crashed my Typhoon H today. The camera separated from the drone but the part of the gimbal that clips into the drone and attaches to the rails stayed connected to the body of the drone. This caused the wires to stay connected to the circuit board in the rail...
  19. M

    Calibration menu does not work

    Hi All, Well I was planning a flight today, first since update. I recallibrated ST-16, went fine. I have set up my H perfectly level to do accelorometer and gimbal calibration but I cannot. When I open the calibration menu on the ST-16 none of the option within it work at all. I cannot...
  20. M

    Panorama mode does nothing at all!!

    Hi all, Ok, been progressing through the learning process. I can fly now, even at night! Now learning about the camera mechanics, gimbal, settings etc. So today I decided to learn about the panorama mode. I did a gimbal calibration, selected still camera, selected panorama mode, selected...