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  1. P

    My 1st footage of Typhoon G

    Greetings from Helsinki, Finland :)
  2. T

    Typhoon G to 4K

    Can the gimbal and camera mount on the 'G' be changed to 4K unit and have it work correctly? Thanks all
  3. S

    Flying Typhoon G in Greece

    I am a first time flyer. I purchased Yuneec Typhoon G days before leaving to a small Island in Greece. I had no prior experience but found the drone fairly easy to operate and responsive. I had an issue with video feed. The issue was corrected thru Yuneec. However the video was shot flying...
  4. B

    GoPro only setup for H920+ , what cable?

    How do I hook up a GoPro only to a H920+ ? No gimbal, I just want a simple FPV feed (a better camera will hang below). I cannot find anything on what cable to use. YouTube videos show me in the FPV setup how to select GoPro instead of the stock cameras. I assume this is all I need for a basic...
  5. T

    CES 2017 GoPro's Karma 2?

    The Karma Returns & Interview Regarding the GoPro "Karma 2"? - WeTalkUAV
  6. A

    GoPro Camera Vibration Noise on Typhoon G

    Hi guys, I'm new to this drone flying business and was lucky enough to win the TYPHOON G at a work function. However, I find there is a lot of vibration noise on the raw footage (See Video) taken with my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. Is this normal? Plus I'm wondering if Yuneec have stopped...
  7. bayport

    Last flight with my Typhoon few weeks ago...

    My last flight with my Typhoon G - which is now unfortunately sold. Aerial footage with GoPro Hero4Black. Appreciate your feedback, guys! Cheers.
  8. Slave Sees Master.jpg

    Slave Sees Master.jpg

  9. D

    Wanted: Gimbal for GoPro 4 silver, for Yuneec Q500.

    Anyone have a GoPro gimbal (new), for sale? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Daniel
  10. H

    Video of NY State Capitol and Empire Plaza.

    My first major flight with the Typhoon G. While visiting friends in Albany, I took my kit with me. This was only my 6th flight with a Yuneec Typhoon, and 3rd with this particular quad (I had to return my first Typhoon G due to issues with the video downlink). I'm still getting used to...
  11. A

    Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G (GoPro Version) Carry Case?

    Hello everyone. I've only had my drone for a few days now. I absolutely love it! I've never owned a large outdoor craft before. I've had a couple of indoor heli's and drones but never anything on this scale. I must say, it was an absolute dream to put together and fly for the first time. Its...
  12. YummyPT

    Steadygrip with gopro

    Does anyone know where can I get the gimbal for GoPro 3/4, to install it on a steadygrip? I don't find any place that sells this part only. It would be nice to buy it from Europe also... This way I could be recording on the ground with the steadygrip and flying at the same time (2 people of...
  13. sibelius

    Capabilities of the Q500 G

    Has it ever been formally announced what capabilities you will have with the G? Through the transmitter, can you start/stop video? Change camera settings? Switch from video to photo? Will we be able to swap between the GoPro and CGO3 gimbals on the same Q500?