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gps problem typhoon h pro

  1. S

    Update on my "Bad Bird" Typhoon H Pro that flew the coop (fly away)

    I posted at the end of January about my Bad Bird Flyaway which ended up a 100' skinny tree in a forest of sorts and was not accessible. The detailed can be found in this forum. Anyway, Yuneec did the right thing and replace all of it. Took a little over a month but they were great and easy to...
  2. Alexandre Souza

    No GPS Lock on Typhoon H

    Good evening everyone, Just bought a brand new Typhoon H, but the GPS won´t lock, and because of that I can´t fly with all the resources. Only if I turn the GPS off the engines will start. And for me that is not a good idea. I am a first time flyer, and have no experience what so ever. Don´t...
  3. S

    Not more than 10 sats on my Typhoon H Pro just return from Yuneec

    My T H P just came back from Yuneec after they fixed gimbal "bungee" issue. The documents said that they upgraded all firmware on T H P and ST16. When I tested it out from my usual spot, I could get no more that 10 sats, regardless of what altitude I tried. Any ideas?
  4. Dutch Nolke

    GPS problem Typhoon H Pro (RS) toilet bowl effect video

    Believe I have an GPS problem. While flying around with my Typhoon H Pro (RS) I experienced a so called toilet bowl effect. My bird was recording everything and here are the last 2:20 minutes of my flight including a hard landing followed up by a flip over. Damaged two rotor blades.