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  1. G

    Is the Typhoon H480 a good Christmas present?

    I say it is the best value in its price range and class considering it is a hexa. However, according to the linked guide below based on new models and accessories for 2017, the DJI MP and P4 are the top two, with the Yuneec H520 being #3 in the $500-2000 range. The H520 has no camera, so...
  2. echipare

    Typhoon H Antennas

    I finally received my Typhoon H 3 antenna kit. 1.) I'm planning to re-modify my radio tx, for best result, how many inches is needed for the spacing of each antenna? 2.) I also have a 3DR solo, will these 2 Half Sphere LHCP work on the Radio tx? 3.) If you view the 2 Half Sphere LHCP...
  3. V

    Difference between the H480 (w/RS), H920 (w/RS) and the H Pro?

    I am a bit skeptical on this deal listed online. I see that it has a CGO3 (not the 3+) does this mean it's a H 480? YUNEEC Typhoon H Hexacopter with Intel RealSense Technology Bundle includes CGO3 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera + YUNEEC Simulator + YUNEEC Wizard Wand + Sandisk 64GB Extreme MicroSDHC...