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    New Products from Yuneec as of 8/5/21

    Disclaimer: I am not from Yuneec...but i do know a guy! As of today Yuneec has a couple of new payload options for the H520E. There are only a few units available...and I don't know their price points yet but can find out. First up is a Multispectral called LaQuinta (by dB2Vision). Second is...
  2. B

    Problems importing KML or shapefiles into DataPilot v2.1.10

    Starting out question again (I have looked on forums and handbook, but no detail found). I am looking to import either KML or shapefiles into missions on DataPilot (v2.1.20) to create flight areas ready for surveying (the polygons are forest areas and quite difficult to identify from looking...
  3. H

    No connection possible with USB from drone to remote control. (For updates) - Defective USB socket, support exchanged drone

    EDIT: The drone is sent in, according to the technician probably defective USB socket. - Drone got replaced by a new one, everything works now. Short: Is there a way to reset everything (RC and Drone) ? or install manually the Firmware to the Drone (ST16E does not recognize the drone via USB)...