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  1. S

    3D mapping with realsense

    This may not be possible, but has anyone delved into the possibilities of the realsense technology? My concern here is, where does the 3D "map" that the software uses, go? Does it stay stored, for possible near future use, or does it just dump after the flight? I'm looking at using this for...
  2. ShawnIde

    Comparison - Yuneec Typhoon H vs The new H+ (Plus)

    Hey guys... I made a video on the physical differences between the Yuneec Typhoon H and New H+ (Plus)... What do you think?
  3. Rubik

    Drone Light Show at CES 2018

    Talk about positional accuracy!!!
  4. T

    Mounting Lume Cubes on a Typhoon H

    Hi , this is my first post on here so forgive me if I am doing it all wrong I have a Typhoon H and want to mount two Lume cubes - there are brackets available for models without the real sense module but I need one that works with this fitted , can anybody help please? Thanks Tim
  5. DmitriyA

    Intel® RealSense™ technology

    a question for those who have TUPHOON H PRO. What you do the settingsorder to avoid obstacles TUPHOON H PRO? How it works? TUPHOON H PRO rises above the obstacles or avoids them at a low trajectory?
  6. Laura Turbeville

    Typhoon H with Intel® RealSense™ Technology -- Product Release**

    Yuneec has just announced the release of the RealSense! Intel RealSense Technology enables the Typhoon H to fly autonomously, intelligently navigating around objects, taking safety and customers’ creative options to the next level. Customers get these additional features in addition to what the...
  7. Chris McMillan

    RealSense control on ST16

    From what I can work out, the future control for the Intel RealSense on the ST16 is the left hand button in the group of 3 at the top right of the controller. It's the only one "without a function" in the manual, and I believe it'll just be a push button "On/off". Clearly this will only come...