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intermittent failure

  1. WTFDproject

    A Curious Mystery

    I doubt many will benefit from this, but it gave me such a struggle I thought I would post it. The issue was an intermittent loss of power to the CGo3 camera mounted on Q500 4K My typical route includes a launch point, about 60 Yards level travel to the center of a clearing, then vertical...
  2. ThunderChicken

    Loose switch hardware

    I noticed the other day one of my switches n my ST-16 felt soft or mushy. I know from experience that one particular switch always had a firm positive tactile click. After the flight ended I inspected all of the decorative collars and found others that were loose. If a switch is mounted and...
  3. DmitriyA

    volatile operations

    I have a problem with TYPHOON H. I bought it 1 week ago in Berlin. The fault is already repeated 3 times. It repeats every 2nd start. First start goes well the unit is stable. Further, after a normal landing, I raise up TYPHOON a second time, after some time, the TYPHOON loses control, it moves...