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  1. daVinci

    Hello from Germany!

    I'm a newbie when it comes to drones and have been working on the topic for quite some time. I currently own a Typhoon H (Pro), ST-16 with 4HAWKS Raptor SR. Thank you in advance for the numerous threads about Typhoon H, which I find to be both helpful and very informative - also for the work and...
  2. B


    New drone pilot with a new TyphoonH Pro here! Barely 90 minutes old, batteries still charging. I'm an oldster and always wanted an RC aircraft, but it seemed to always be a hassle, so never did that. I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. I've been lurking and researching, and saw...
  3. A

    Hello from Vienna, Austria

    A friendly hello to everyone. Since owning a Breeze 4K for some time I have been reading this forum. I am grateful for this abundance of information. So I think it is time to introduce myself: I am a father of two sons and now in retirement. Flyingwise I used to have a GPL and did some...
  4. C

    Hi & An Incredibly Basic Typhoon H Pro/Real Sense Question

    Hi, folks. I'm CC Rider from coastal Delaware, down here in the tidewater area between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Very new to your forum. Seems to be a lot of knowledge out there among all of you. Being willing to share it is a plus for a guy like me just coming onto the scene...
  5. Edwin K.

    Hi flyers!

    I am Edwin, a Yuneec (first) pilot and then the rest! I have been flying just under a year but looking to extend that time! I fly commercially to protect myself from erroring on the “Part 107” side of my photography business. I have conquered the flying part now trying to improve my video...
  6. B

    Greetings from Pekin, Illinois

    Greetings everyone! My name is Brad Starcevich, I'm 62 years old and enjoying retirement. I just placed my order for a shiny new Typhoon H no less than 10 minutes ago. I have been flying beginner drones (Syma X5SW and X11C) for a bit over a month now. I can't wait for the new bird to arrive...
  7. 0ldsc00ld0g

    Hello from Canada

    Giday eh!, from Ottawa Canada! Glad to have found this forum. My H should be here any day now. Cheers,
  8. F

    Hi Everyone - Introduction

    Hi Everyone, i am just writing to introduce myself, my name is Mick Brennan, I am currently head of technology for a tv station in Ireland and have worked in a number of production roles over the last 20 years. I have just purchased a Q500 4K kit (waiting on it to arrive!) and am looking forward...