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  1. H

    Storage Warning

    So iv just dusted off my Yuneec Mantis Q 45mph drone for a bit of fun only to be met with disappointment with a £210 Bill! Its been in the spare room on a shelf inside its carry case for about a year. Bought it with 3 batteries which cost around 70gbp each or 210 total. Not a single battery is...
  2. T

    weird issue with update -- wifi keyboard draws "under" UI

    when attempting to connect to wifi to search for updates, my st16s draws the android keyboard under all the other ui elements, and even when entering the correct password, just freezes instead of connecting to the wifi. anyone else experiencing this>?
  3. S

    Yuneec not responding to my emails

    Hello, Yuneec USA did not answered any of my emails since 3 weeks. I received an automated email with my ref. case# (79441). But since then, I have not received anything. Has anyone run into the same problem? @Yuneec_Usa can you do something for me? I would like to know what is going on with...
  4. E

    Crashing after clicking on FPV mode

    Hi , when im using my iPad 2017 edition with the breeze controler for flying my the Breeze it allways crashes when im clicking on the FPV symbol After the crash im on the Home screen of IOS I have got the latest version of all and ive got this problem for a half a year ago with my Handy...

    Important FIRMWARE version B23 - List Known Issues Here

    Yuneec has been great at adding many features we have been asking for to each firmware update. I've been very pleased with the latest firmware update, but as can be seen on this forum, others have had some minor and major issues which seem to only have occurred after the new firmware was...
  6. S

    Blurry Typhoon H Footage and Stills

    Hi, I'm getting some pretty terrible footage/stills out of my Typhoon H after the first flight today. I have 1/60 shutter, manual WB, and a Polar Pro ND 16 on the lens. Should I not shoot in the log mode? Is 1/60 shutter too low? Do Polar Pros stink? I thought it might be vibrations from the...