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  1. J

    Windows or iOS?

    Hi all, I’m looking to replace my creaking PC and an considering swapping to Mac, but I’m unsure if this will have any impact on compatibility with Datapilot or synching out to the android-based ST16e. Does anybody here have experience of operating datapilot etc on a Mac? Would be great to hear...
  2. G

    Calling all Mac/Final Cut Pro X users

    If you have been suffering with video stuttering during playback in Quicktime and Final Cut even after creating optimised media and having a Mac fast enough to cope with other 4K footage, then I may have a solution for you. There seems to be some problem in the way that Apple video playback is...
  3. NoCoOutdoorGuys

    Mac users: Can't delete files from SD card

    So, my SD card is filling up and when I put it in my MacBook Pro I can't get delete the files. In my quest for an answer I see ally of info about formatting your SD cards in the camera you intend to use it in to avoid corruption of the card. Problem is you can't to my knowledge reformat the...
  4. D

    Typhoon H Issues

    So I am writing in attempt to see if anyone has made more headway than I have in regards to a few different issues with the Typhoon H. 1) If anyone here uses a Mac then you've probably ran into the issue where when using any editing software available you get non stop light video skipping...
  5. Chris McMillan

    Firmware update for Mac

    Anyone out there using a Mac to do their firmware updates on any Yuneec product? Can only seem to find shots of Windows action.
  6. Chris McMillan

    Can I update firmware on my Mac?

    Hi, I'm awaiting, as are many others, my Typhoon H I'm just searching for any info re updating firmware...... All seem to involve Windows..... I have a Mac... Do they supply either/or dongles, or does Yuneec assume everyone has PC's? Any help is welcome, Cheers
  7. Chris McMillan

    Who uses a drone simulator?

    Anyone out there got any thoughts on using the " yunsim" simulator on computers? I use a Mac, but would be able to get hold of PC if it's worthwhile. I assume the new ST16 would be compatible with any software. Was there also some talk of a new sim specifically for the "H".
  8. Chris McMillan

    Is there a Yuneec Sim out there for a Mac?

    Does anyone know of a drone sim that works on a Mac. Have pre ordered an H, but would like something to practice with. Everything seems to be for Windows.