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mantis g

  1. M

    New Mantis G owner....having issues.

    Hello all, I have just received a new Mantis G drone which has a few problems. Firstly, the map will not load on to my Samsung Galaxy 10+, I have data connections via WiFi and mobile data, it connects to approx 16 satellites but it will not load the map which renders some functions redundant...
  2. robnmi

    Mantis G manual update process

    Hi pilots! I have a Mantis G and i would like to put a beta firmware to it for testing the range. I have 2 update files. I put one (update.zip) on a microSD card inserted to the drone turned on and the fw flashing completed well. Then i tried to flash the controller with an USB stick inserted...
  3. S1lent

    Mantis G video (2k EIS)

    Hello fella's, I made my first drone video, filmed with my Mantis G. Since there aren't much video's uploaded made with this drone yet, I thought some people might be interrested to see some footage. I shot the video in 2k mode with EIS on. Personally I don't see a reason to film something in...
  4. DoomMeister

    Yuneec Pilot (Android) Now on Yuneec Website

    This subject is explained in this thread Yuneec Pilot (Android) on Yuneec Website. UPDATE: Jan 6, 2020 the app returned to Google Play, but was removed again before the end of the month. I assume Yuneec and Google cant come to terms.
  5. DoomMeister

    Yuneec Pilot (Android) on Yuneec Website

    In the same manner as the Breeze Cam app for Android users earlier this year the Yuneec Pilot app has been pulled from the Google Play Store and placed on the Yuneec website in the Downloads section https://www.yuneec.com/en_US/support/downloads/mantis-g-us.html. UPDATE: Jan 6, 2020 I learned...
  6. S1lent

    Increase connectivity range, antenna mod.

    Hi guys, I was flying my drone yesterday, and I noticed that my connection tends to be quite fragile, even flying in an open area. After a meter of 150m, my drone even dc'd once and flew back, but has no trouble of going into the air 270 meters straight from the spot it departed. Anyway, when...
  7. S1lent

    Mantis G accessories

    Hi guys, First post/topic on this forum, and now a proud first-time owner of a Mantis G. Haven't gotten much time yet to fly the drone, since I'm working at a facility that doesnt allow flying one. But that didn't stop me from buying one. And after some test flying, I cant wait to go home in...