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  1. J

    Typhoon H - Maintenance and Caracterization

    Hi everyone I´m new in this forum. I have a Typhoon H from three months ago. I´m in Spain and I´m dron official operator, but with the new law about drons in Spain the operators need a maintenance manual and a caracterization document. I contacted with Yuneec Europe but they said that don't...
  2. S

    Night photos

    Hello, can you upload night shots from the drones, are you happy with the camera, how does it handle night time in manual mode?
  3. G

    ST16 (And I'm man-anal I mean "manual") although I am "anal"

    When I went out yesterday to test fly my new H, I had previously watched a few videos on calibration, etc.as I had before I flew my first Q500 4K two years ago. I take the H and the manual outside (contained in a 3 ring binder) and as I am reviewing the printed "COMPASS CALIBRATION V1.0" guide...
  4. Flying-Potato

    ST-16 - Manual or AUX bouton

    Hi, I tried searching for a ST-16 Manual but I could not find one that explains a lot of the advanced features particularly the channel settings. I found some youtube videos however they are in Deutsch (funny thing I found a lot of more than english ones) Also on a another note is there a...
  5. Merlin


    Hi has anyone see a Typhoon H manual later than version 1.1? Ideally in English :)
  6. D

    Yuneec st16 manual ?

    Hi, I didnt find the answer... But is there any manual for the st16 plz ? Thank you
  7. Chris McMillan

    Hi Tim Terrones!

    Hi Tim, hope you noticed this..! "You're my only hope Obi Wan"! Can't find your equivalent here in Australia, so hope you don't mind me asking you... When can we get our hands on the Manual for the H? I noticed it appeared briefly a week or so ago, and then promptly disappeared. Any info there...
  8. Chris McMillan

    Typhoon H Manuals

    Just spotted these... Got some studying to do before H day....whenever that MAY be... See what I did there? Manuals Archive - Yuneec Just spotted Captain Drone had this a little while back!

    Typhoon H Manual

    Manuals Archive - Yuneec
  10. Chris McMillan

    Typhoon H Manual?

    Has anyone managed to download the manual for the "H"? Seems we're going to be waiting a while for the arrival, so we may as well check out the details so we have a little more insight before the box opening moment. That moment when all logic says "Read the Instructions" but you just want to...