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  1. P

    rear right motor problem.

    not sure how Yuneec number the motors, but I am having a problem with rear right motor. It starts fine, but during the acceleration, motor tries to spin the other direction, or stops spinning. Connected the motor to another airplane esc and complete tx/rx for testing. Motor runs smooth...
  2. C

    How do I replace landing gear motor?

    I recently crashed my Typhoon H into a tree, which caused some propellers to break, and a hard landing followed, resulting in a broken landing gear motor. I have purchased the replacement part, but after awhile of unsuccessfully trying to unscrew it, I have zero idea what I'm doing, and don't...
  3. J

    Breeze motor not working

    Hello all, on my breeze one motor stopped working after a minor crash. The motor from the outside is undamaged and even when removing the screws and checking the interior of the motor, the motor does not seem to have any physical reason for not working. Does anyone know if the breeze applies a...
  4. I

    Motor Smoke

    Hi, I went to turn on my Typhoon H today and as it was revving on the ground I noticed some light smoke coming from one of the motors and a burnt smell. On examination I see the coils are darker and it feel as though when I spin it manually there is a bit less give than the other motors. I'm...
  5. C

    Q500 motor and esc question NEED HELP

    Hi Everyone So i crashed my q500 bought a replacement chassis did the swap it was all good until i realized that the esc and the led's are specif it to each motor .. so if you haven't guessed already i have mismatched the motors and esc's i have everything soldered back up.. and tested...
  6. S

    Propeller stuck on Typhoon H after crash

    So yeah, probably like every one I didn't think that I'll be the one to crash my drone, but it happened. Thankfully it wasn't as seriuous as it looked, 3 broken propellers and mountset for CGO3+. I flew it already after crash and everything seems to work... I have just one problem. My propeller...