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no connection

  1. S

    New mantis q pilot

    Hi friend's, Loyd Slade here. Just saying hello from NC, USA. I am here I. Need of help with my mantis q so if anyone has knowledge of this model is would greatly appreciate it..
  2. T

    Camera Connection Failed after filming.

    Hello. i have since 2 days my own Tyhpoon H Professional (with Intel) drone, but when i fly with the drone and filming somethings and stop filming the camera disconnect with the st16 controller, with the popup: RC connecting.... WIFI connecting.... The drone goes to...
  3. M

    No RC connection after firmware update!

    Hi, I've just updated my st16 and the typhoon with the new firmware, but now my controller doesn't recognize the typhoon. It find and connect the camera but no rc connection. The rear LED flashes about 7 times blue and 2 times yellow and every 10 seconds (more or less) emit a beep . Please can...