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No RC connection after firmware update!

Jul 29, 2016
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Hi, I've just updated my st16 and the typhoon with the new firmware, but now my controller doesn't recognize the typhoon. It find and connect the camera but no rc connection.
The rear LED flashes about 7 times blue and 2 times yellow and every 10 seconds (more or less) emit a beep . Please can you help me?
thank you but I've just found the solution from another thread:

"had the same issue found a video on youtube, basically once both the H and controller, turn them both on and bind the camera, then go into the camera settings (little gear bottom right) and go to single team mode, select team, then go back in to bind and the h should show up, bind and go back to camera settings and switch back to single mode. do all the calibrations and you should be good to go!"

Now everything works!!!
Thank you yuneec_usa for your advice but in my opinion it is very strange that you use an unofficial video to show to your customers the right guide to update the firmware of your products. In your official video you show a procedure a too much simplified and you skip this main procedure (to switch from team to single mode). If a user wants to update a firmware, the first thing that he/she does, is to read the instructions from the official site, not to discover them from others unknown users. If I hadn't found this useful forum surely I would have asked a replacement of the model thinking that it had been out of order. So my suggestion is to improve your support documentation. Thank you
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to this thread and the video link above. I've just received my Typhoon H and the first thing I did was update the firmware. Once I did this, I could not connect to the H. The video above got me up and running - thank you.
This post should be made a sticky based on how often the topic of losing connectivity after uprating comes up.
Yes I agree. It should also be noted on the Yuneec download page. Would have saved me a lot of time and trouble.
I hadn't watched this video before but I noticed that at 8:30 the ST16 displayed 16.0 volts and 6 Sats on the left prior to the binding. Most likely an oversight in editing the video for clarity. One of the reasons for my concern is that my H was refurbished and I don't believe that the units were ever bound. I suspect that after the firmware was updated the App data was never cleared. The video mentions nothing about clearing the App data and it's probably not necessary unless there was a problem with the data, to begin with. In my case, no Model would show up to bind to. Prior to sending it off for repair, I was screwing around and changed the control to Mode 1 and back again. I now saw a Model to bind to. After binding when I attempted the compass calibration the lights would flash but after flipping the next flashing lights were to the right instead of the proper left and the calibration would never complete. After searching around I found a reference to clearing the App data and after I cleared it compass calibration was simple but the camera would not calibrate. I'm not certain but I believe that the camera would calibrate prior to my multiple attempts at binding the model and calibrating the compass. Yuneec support had me holding the H at arm's length and tilting it up and down for several minutes to try to get the status light to turn orange before telling me to send the H off for repair.

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