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obstacle avoidance

  1. mwfoshee

    Obstacle Avoidance -Audible warning

    Is this new or did I miss it in an earlier update? I noticed a new (to me) feature today. I don't fly in obstacle avoidance mode very often but today I was flying around a light pole practicing for all the upcoming tower inspections I plan to do :) and when I approached the pole I began hearing...
  2. SourBuffalo

    obstacle avoidance not available

    Here's the bad news, I can't remember if this happened before or after the newest firmware update. If I were to guess, I don't believe it happened before the update. What's happening is when I boot up the ol' ST16 and let the "H" boot up I immediately receive a warning tremor with the words...
  3. Renshi

    Obstacle Avoidance Not Working?

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong but... I have updated the drone to the newest firmware using the video instructions from Yuneec and with my drone in angle mode the obstacle avoidance does not appear to work at all. Any suggestions?