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phantom 4

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    DroneU podcast on merits of H520

    ADU 0715: Why didn't we use the Yuneec H520 to shoot our mapping course? - Drone U™ Pretty long winded and full of self promotion at the beginning, but the bulk of the discussion is on the merits of using the H520 in comparison to a P4. They seem to love the H520 on the whole. The main issue...
  2. N

    Why I returned my Typhoon H!

    First off, I am not here to talk bad about Yuneec or say that people shouldn't buy the Typhoon H, I am just explaining the reasons I returned it. Like many others, I pre-ordered the Typhoon H and could not wait to get it. Sadly the first one I got a big time camera issues and it took a month to...

    FINALLY! An in-depth comparison review of the Typhoon H vs Phantom 4

    Tom's Tech time channel is usually a "help" channel for DJI owners. In this video he compares plenty of key features of the Typhoon H to the Phantom 4. It is a long comparison, so grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

    Typhoon H Advanced vs Phantom 4

    This is the FULL comparison video. It will be interesting to see the comparisons when the TYPHOON H PROFESSIONAL hits the market.