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Why I returned my Typhoon H!

Aug 7, 2016
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First off, I am not here to talk bad about Yuneec or say that people shouldn't buy the Typhoon H, I am just explaining the reasons I returned it. Like many others, I pre-ordered the Typhoon H and could not wait to get it. Sadly the first one I got a big time camera issues and it took a month to get a new camera. I was using a Phantom 3 Standard and was wanting to get into making serious video projects, so I decided it was time for an upgrade.

Reasons I wanted the Typhoon H:
*Retractable landing gear- I saw this as an awesome feature for un-interrupted filming.
*360 gimbal- I really liked the Pan dial for precise panning.
*Ground Station- one big reason I wanted it was because I loved the controlled and built in display.

Reasons I returned it:
Software- A big reason I returned it was because of the software. Compared to DJI Go or Litchi, it's like going from an iPhone to a flip phone. It just seems very cheaply made and is not nearly as functional as DJI software, and lacks a lot of critical information for flying that the DJI offers, especially in the gps and tracking abilities. Also, it doesn't seem to hover very stable. I feel that at the moment this is Yuneec's biggest problem.

*Camera- For me the camera quality is a bit off the Phantom 4, both in the fact that it has a very wide field of view, it focuses on object that I very close rather than far away, which when you're flying it should be focused further away, and the 1080P 120fps is just completely useless quality.

*Build quality- For me the build quality made me a bit nervous, especially the camera and gimbal. While I love the few carbon fiber pieces, the rest feels like a problem waiting to happen. The arm hinges felt pretty weak, when I would takeoff I could see them flex, and the body plastic is very thin and you can easily flex it. Bottom line, it just feels much more vulnerable then let's say the Phantom 4.

On paper I love the H, that's why I bought it, but to me it seemed they rushed it. If it had the quality of the Phantom 4 software and build quality I no doubt would buy it again. For those of you who fly or buy the H, it is still a good drone, and hopefully they will develop new software, make some camera adjustments and generally just improve it for the future. But that was why I returned it and bought the Phantom 4, which I love so far but they have been around a lot longer so I have high hopes for Yuneec!

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