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point of interest

  1. P

    POI coming to H520!! (?)

    Hey all, I came across this on the Dronecode site: Structure Scan · QGroundControl User Guide QGC (this is what Datapilot is, just repackaged) now supports circular structure scans. They are also working on PX4 firmware to match the mission planning side of this. Presumably when that...
  2. Magic

    Typhoon H - 920 Super Plus

    Hi guys! Hi pilots! I did not find a similar topic here, so I hasten to share joy! Now you do not need third-party programs like the UAV Toolbox or CCC editor...! We look first - I'll do a full video review later, this is a review of my friend. Now with words - How to do this? 1. Insert...
  3. Joneshd3488

    POI Since Firmware Update

    Hi guys...my firmware updates went flawlessly except for having to rebind the ST16 to the H. And, my Compass and Accelerometer updates this morning went fine as well. After a minute or so of hover just to make sure everything was good, I took her up and around to check out normal procedures and...