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q500 4k battery

  1. R

    Compatibility of Q500 4k motors and battery with FC and ESCs of other brands

    Hallo, I am new to the forum and am using a q500 for a limited time/purpose. I know that almost everything in the drone only works with parts from Yuneec. But I was wandering, weather at least the motors and the battery could be used with a flight controller and ESCs from a different...
  2. E

    Gen batteries, any good?

    Checking on Amazon I can get a generic battery for $49.99 or a Power 3 Yuneec battery for $129.99. So 2:1. Is it worth buying the generic battery? Or only stick to Yuneec?
  3. TheDhuddist

    Battery Charging settings for Q500 4k

    Hi all. I've tried searching here and on Google but the results are seriously mind boggling to try to digest. Maybe if I just lay out clear questions, I can get a direct answer and my old brain can avoid losing what few cells (no pun intended) it has left. :) 1. I have the stock charger, but I...
  4. M

    Brand New Q500 4K OEM battery for sale

    Brand new, never been installed, still in retail packaging. I bought the Q500, got the extra battery at the time of purchase. I never flew the Q500, and I just returned it to BestBuy. I will sell the battery to you for $85 plus shipping. I figure the shipping will be about $7-8 for USPS. Color...