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realsense pro

  1. S

    Typhoon H Pro with RealSense fly away (although not "too far")

    I've got my H for about 2 weeks. I have lots of Phantom experience and currently also fly a P4. So, took off with Angle Mode. Stayed in position for a minute to "let it get its bearings". YES I did a compass calibration, which I do before any flight at any location. YES, I did a gimbal and...
  2. R

    Testing my repaired RealSense Typhoon H

    I have 2 H's, the RS Pro and a Standard H. I received the Pro on July 18, one of the first batches released in the US. I flew it so much I named it Wendy, made several videos in Follow and Watch modes, with the craft piloting itself around or over trees, etc. Never a moment's trouble, before and...
  3. Y

    Realsense module is not detected after H update

    Hi Everyone, I just updated the H firmware which was released on sep 13th (the camera GPS and autopilot fix), after resterating the craft the realsense module is not detected and on versions of modules (remote control, gimbal etc...) I see N/A on the realsense. Any idea how to solve it?
  4. R

    Typhoon H RealSense with Wizard in Watch Me Mode

    Finally got up the nerve (stupidity!) to try this. From start to finish of this video, the RealSense controls the H as it watches and follows me through groves of mostly giants Oaks. At times it did not "watch", no idea why. The morning sun caused glare, and no way to set video using the Wizard...