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repair center

  1. J

    Typhoon H3 Crash (Help)!

    Hey fellow pilots! I have a slight issue on my hands. I was flying in a zone with many geometric obstacles. Despite the drone not starting and blaring alarms left right and center, I turned off the gps and took off. I turned around to show my friends and poof the drone drifted into a near by...
  2. iDroneRepair

    Drone Repairs

    Good Afternoon Everyone, New member here just wanting to ask a few questions around drone repairs. I am looking to set up a drone repair business in Sheffield UK, I will be going online though so that people will be able to send their drones from all over the UK. What is the current situation...
  3. gwhuntoon

    Is Best Buy a Yuneec Repair Center?

    The reason I ask, there's a Repair Center Locator on the Yuneec USA site so I thought I'd test it. My only hits were 3 Best Buys, one of which isn't even a Best Buy. Maybe a Best Buy licensed mail order store front at best. I guess I was hoping for a real licensed repair center, not a Best Buy.