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  1. ecoMAP

    RTK with NTRIP in Europe ETRS89

    Hi everyone! As the yuneec documentation on RTK lacks in every possible way I try my luck here with you guys...Hope someone can help Im doing mapping with my H520e and for that I use a correction signal provide by the Austrian National Surveying Service (APOS Austrian POsitioning Service) This...
  2. Z

    Yuneec H520E RTK E90X vs. Autel EVO II RTK PRO V2

    Hello everybody! I've got a dilemma... Which one will be better, of course, for mapping? Autel is already available. Has anyone tried/tested both of them in the field? A difference in price is considerable.
  3. D

    H520 RTK

    I am in the US and bought a H520 with the assurance that the RTK system would be available “soon”. That was in February! Yuneec USA will only day that they are “working on it “. with no details or further information. I am a commercial operator using the drone for site mapping, 3D modeling etc...
  4. Wingman

    Testing cheap($60) RTK module

    Hi guys, This is not related to drones directly as I am looking to improve accuracy for GPS for my phone app on my Android. The current 5m accuracy gives me a lot of headaches for processing 360 photos and placing them on Google Map. I am not really aiming to 1cm accuracy but having something...