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  1. NorthWoods

    CGO3+ SD CARD filesystem support

    Does anyone know what partition schemes and filesystems the camera supports? I am using a 128GB SD CARD, and I would like to use GPT and XFS. Which I am going to try in a minute. The card looks to have come formated with MBR and ExFAT, which is working in the camera. Does anyone have any...
  2. S

    My controller says "No firmware on sd card"

    So, I downloaded it. Rebooted everything and checked for updates again. It said "No firmware on sd card" again. It apparently doesn't recognize that it downloaded and installed firmware already. IS there supposed to be firmware on the SD card? Which one? Controller or aircraft or both...
  3. T

    CGO3 camera SD card problems

    I just recently bought a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K and I'm having problems with the CGO3 camera. The cameras SD-card slot has these problems: - Sometimes the SD card is not detected at all - Sometimes it detects the card, but doesn't write anything to it (even if the GUI on the ST10+ remote...