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CGO3 camera SD card problems

Jan 11, 2016
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I just recently bought a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K and I'm having problems with the CGO3 camera.

The cameras SD-card slot has these problems:
- Sometimes the SD card is not detected at all
- Sometimes it detects the card, but doesn't write anything to it (even if the GUI on the ST10+ remote indicates it's recording!)
- Sometimes it records a file, but the file is corrupt

Fair to say, the SD-card slot (or something related to it) is somehow broken. All the footage I've managed to get out of the thing when connected to the SteadyGrip have these "hickups" in them, and I have not once had a usable video file when the camera is connected to the Q500.

I've tried 2 different cards with the camera; The 16GB Panasonic card that came with the Q500 and a 32GB Sandisk Ultra card.

Any advice? I thought I'd try a contact cleaner in the SD-card slot, but I doubt that'll work...
All i can say is try a class 10 or better sd card and format in fat32.......or it could just be a faulty cgo....
I personally wouldnt spray anything into the card slot
The spray i'm going to use is a contact cleaner specifically designed for electronics cleaning. Not like I'm going to spray it with Ajax or something ;)
As stated above, spraying contact cleaner into the card slot is NOT recommended. There are components/wires/materials inside the camera which could be adversely affected by the spray.

I recommend that you take a piece of cardboard the thickness of an SD card, saturate it with denatured alcohol (I use Everclear available at most liquor stores) and insert it into the slot several times to clean the contacts.

I cleaned the slot, and it did get better. However, not enough better. Indoors it recorded files with a few video glitches, but as soon as I went outside to fly, it wouldn't work. I was able to take a few JPGs and start the recording, but it failed right after the camera buffer (i believe) run out. It's -7°C at the moment, but that's nothing the camera couldn't handle. Everything else works just fine, it just doesn't record files.
Upon closer inspection of the files recorded while I tested the camera. The glitches are still there....

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 19.10.03 copy.jpg

I know I'm not alone with this, because 2 other people (I have found on the forums) have had these same kind of symptoms.
Oh well.. time to send it for servicing. Maybe it's cold solder somewhere, that makes even worse contact in the cold or something?
Yeah, that looks horrible. Keep us posted on the resolution. I've not experienced that in the least. Sorry that you have. Best of luck.
Problem solved, the reseller gave me a completely new Q500 4K. :) Now everything works as it should!
Great news !!! Now go take some awesome 4k photos/videos of your frozen landscape ..:eek::)
BTW who was the seller that did the right thing ?
The spray i'm going to use is a contact cleaner specifically designed for electronics cleaning. Not like I'm going to spray it with Ajax or something ;)
I can't stop laughing about you saying "Not like I am going to spray it with Ajax or something" that just made me laugh for some reason. How do you know Ajax wouldn't work until you try it. LOL LOL Please don't use Ajax!!!
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I bought this morning q500 4k. I have several self made multis but none of them offer enough stabile video at the moment. The idea was to do some aerial shoots from a special happening today without any fuzz and pile of cables, screwdivers etc.
I experienced exactly similar behaviour from my brand new 4k as yours! The result of tens of flights, settings, formatting, testing, flying again was total zero usable videos. Usually the connection between controller and camera just cut off and video file was corrupted. Or, video corrupted otherwise. Or file size was zero. I used included SD card after formatting. So frustrating.
Interesting, that I bought this from Kyosho shop Jumbo, Vantaa, Finland which is the importer in the country. Maybe they had bad batch or I got your old one, Tommiph :) . However, I will go tomorrow to ask if they have spare one for me, too...
Hi, I just got new camera unit from dealer. All problems seems to be disappeared. I am very glad the customer service works with Yuneec!
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i just got the 4k and am having the same problem, camera wont recognize the SD card. I'm calling Yuneec support tomorrow to see what they say. I also have a problem with the battery door wont latch. :-(
I have had the same issue. Mine always detects the SD card, and puts video files on the card, but when you play them in a video viewer like Real Player, only half of them will play. The other half will say they are corrupt and not play. I've tried other SD cards and video players. I've taken some good scenery vids that can't be sesn.

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