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  1. G

    Wanted, Yuneec Simulator

    I know this has been asked before, but since i don't really have the time or experience to build a yuneec simulator, anyone out there have one? Or anyone in Wisconsin near the fox valley have one they'd be willing to loan?
  2. DroneCalzone

    H520 ST16S + UAV Pilot Simulator

    Hey guys, so I need to configure an ST16S to work with the Yuneec simulator dongle/UAV Pilot Flight Simulator. I'm aaalmost there, too ;). I plugged in the dongle, turned on the simulator on my laptop (win10), I clicked "Radio" tab on the program, then Bind Yuneec USB Reciever. A window...
  3. N

    UAV Pilot Flight Sim - Maps available?

    Got the flight simulator working with my Typhoon H. No problems encountered. There is a drop down menu on the PC for "maps". There is only one map available. It is in Germany (I am in Florida, USA). Are there any other maps available for download? Where? How to I add them to the Flight...
  4. smokey

    Typhoon h simulator

    good evening all, is thereally a typhoon h simulator? I have seen one for the q500 but not one for h. can anyone help please? many thanks smokey
  5. V

    Closest aircraft to 'H' in Realflight Dron Sim...

    Please forgive me for asking a (maybe) stupid question. I have been wanting to buy an ‘H’ for sometime now but my wife always finds something else to spend the money on ... However, I've bought Realflight Done simulator to improve my flying skills. My question is which of the aircraft models...
  6. T

    Typhoon H UAV SIM Instructions

    Hi The UAV Sim has now been upgraded to include the Typhoon H. It took me over 3 hours to get it working due to not being able to bind the sim with the ST16. I did look on the net and You Tube but could not find anything to help. I eventually went through every combination of key i/p’s and...
  7. Chris McMillan

    Who uses a drone simulator?

    Anyone out there got any thoughts on using the " yunsim" simulator on computers? I use a Mac, but would be able to get hold of PC if it's worthwhile. I assume the new ST16 would be compatible with any software. Was there also some talk of a new sim specifically for the "H".
  8. Chris McMillan

    Is there a Yuneec Sim out there for a Mac?

    Does anyone know of a drone sim that works on a Mac. Have pre ordered an H, but would like something to practice with. Everything seems to be for Windows.