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software updates

  1. H

    No connection possible with USB from drone to remote control. (For updates) - Defective USB socket, support exchanged drone

    EDIT: The drone is sent in, according to the technician probably defective USB socket. - Drone got replaced by a new one, everything works now. Short: Is there a way to reset everything (RC and Drone) ? or install manually the Firmware to the Drone (ST16E does not recognize the drone via USB)...
  2. DonArneson

    Updating Typhoon H

    When updating your Typhoon H with the latest software updates the one thing no one seems to mention when you download the updates and install them is you must re-bind the controller to the chopper. I updated the controller and the chopper and lost full control of my camera, had picture but no...
  3. M

    Tornado H920 Updates Requested!

    New to the forum and new to the H920. Love the machine. Very Very professional!! Here are some things I would love to see updated or changed in the H920 plus a few other thoughts. 1) Does anyone know if you can use the USB interface and change the AGL limits or use software to interface in any...