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  1. J

    New Unused ST10+ Transmitter for Sale

    I had to return my Chroma drone a few times, and somehow ended up with a completely unused ST10+ transmitter! I've since bought a Typhoon H, so have no real use for the ST10+, so thought I might post it for sale in case someone else needs a new one ... Feel free to contact me with any...
  2. V

    Is the ST10+ backwards compatible with...

    Q500, Q500+? What are the differences between the ST10 and ST10+?
  3. A

    Typhoon H - Team Mode

    First posting, I'm already or at least was a Yuneec user, having been flying a Q500+ for over 6 months, until this week had my first and a serious crash. All my fault, I noticed that the quad was drifting and not holding its position with no input on the controls, should have landed then and...
  4. R

    battery storage

    ok, I'm set with the storage for the battery out of my Q500... what about the ST10's battery... does that have to be set for some sort of storage voltage or is that battery fine the way it is... thanks,
  5. D

    ST10 Menu Flow. Step by step

    Here is a step by step on the menus is the st10. I did not cover the "hidden" menu. I will be finishing that up soon. At the beginning of the video i put the time of each section to help find what you looking for. Im also making a PDF of the flow of the menus.