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st16 calibration

  1. WTFDproject

    ST16 Signal Processing Overview

    Hardware Monitor is an EXCELLENT tool for its purpose, which is essentially checking the nearly raw output of each controller. Its main drawback is not in itself, but in us, the pilots. Many pilots believe what is shown in Hardware Monitor is what is going to the drone. It is not. And...
  2. D

    No Motor startup. . .B1 button dead? New thread, Old problem.

    So I recently received my TH w/Realsense. Went out for the maiden voyage today (after a full calibration with appropriate approval beeps) and several things presented: moderate drift to the right and slightly descending at neutral stick positions Left Yaw caused fairly rapid climb Right Yaw...
  3. G

    ST16 (And I'm man-anal I mean "manual") although I am "anal"

    When I went out yesterday to test fly my new H, I had previously watched a few videos on calibration, etc.as I had before I flew my first Q500 4K two years ago. I take the H and the manual outside (contained in a 3 ring binder) and as I am reviewing the printed "COMPASS CALIBRATION V1.0" guide...
  4. vertigo

    love this forum!

    Hi all, It's been less than a month since my first purchase of my TH. Still in love regardless of my experience with the CGO3+ gimbal. And my own stupidity. 1st TH purchased from Costco came with the 2 ant ST16. The camera would always face about 4deg to the left. even after calibration, could...
  5. M

    Not able to get into ST16 Calibration mode

    Has anybody else had trouble getting into the ST16 Calibration mode?? I am on the v03.01.b30 controller version. I tap an tap and tap on the 'About controller' in the system settings but I never enter the calibration mode. My screen zooms in when I tap the About Controller really fast but...