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st16 calibration

  1. D

    No Motor startup. . .B1 button dead? New thread, Old problem.

    So I recently received my TH w/Realsense. Went out for the maiden voyage today (after a full calibration with appropriate approval beeps) and several things presented: moderate drift to the right and slightly descending at neutral stick positions Left Yaw caused fairly rapid climb Right Yaw...
  2. G

    ST16 (And I'm man-anal I mean "manual") although I am "anal"

    When I went out yesterday to test fly my new H, I had previously watched a few videos on calibration, etc.as I had before I flew my first Q500 4K two years ago. I take the H and the manual outside (contained in a 3 ring binder) and as I am reviewing the printed "COMPASS CALIBRATION V1.0" guide...
  3. vertigo

    love this forum!

    Hi all, It's been less than a month since my first purchase of my TH. Still in love regardless of my experience with the CGO3+ gimbal. And my own stupidity. 1st TH purchased from Costco came with the 2 ant ST16. The camera would always face about 4deg to the left. even after calibration, could...
  4. M

    Not able to get into ST16 Calibration mode

    Has anybody else had trouble getting into the ST16 Calibration mode?? I am on the v03.01.b30 controller version. I tap an tap and tap on the 'About controller' in the system settings but I never enter the calibration mode. My screen zooms in when I tap the About Controller really fast but...