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  1. C

    H920 - CGO4 - ST24 No Camera Tilt/Yaw Control

    Hi all, I recently purchased a H920 kit complete with 2 ST24 controllers and a CGO4 camera system. I’m having a problem with camera control from the controller. Here is my problem: I am able to bind to the drone and the camera fine. I have the video feed on my controller. However, the video...
  2. A

    ST24 won't start - main board shorted

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my ST24 controller. From one day to the next it does not start. I tested the continuity between the + and - of the main board (inside the controller) and it is shorted. I think the main board is fried and I don't know why. Is it possible to buy a...
  3. S

    Waypoints in H920 (not plus) & ST24

    Dear Yuneec H920 (not plus) users, I wanted to ask you, if there is a way to use waypoints with Tornado H920 (not plus) and ST24 station? From my initial search, it seams that waypoints are only available in H920 Plus with ST16 station. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could share their...
  4. A

    Selling H920 Package

    Hi All, I hope this post is acceptable to Forum rules (I didn't find that it wasn't). Anyway, I'm selling my USED H920 package. And lots that goes with it. I've listed on eBay, but feel this is a good place to also put it out there. Copying the listing below. Contact for price...
  5. T

    Never Seen This Screen On My ST16 Has Anyone Else?

    Hey everyone so as I browse to get quality images of Yuneec Logo's, Typhoon H Logo's Etc. (Being that Yuneec Is the first company with a website that I've seen that Does Not have any kind of graphic Bin directly on their website where you can go to, to be able to find all the various lettering &...
  6. Cedaric


    Trying to make some changes to H 920 & CGO4 w/ 2 x St 24 Keep getting asked for password so can not even bind Q500 to ST 24 Anyone know pass word 1234 & 0000 & Yuneec r no good
  7. Cedaric

    H920 Team Mode HELP

    Hello An unusual issue H920 & CGO4 using 2 X ST 24 1 x Flight 1 X Visual Can not get full Camera control on Visual controller, only Zoom I Can operate Zoom & rotation only from Flight controller No camera pan up & down at all I Have put CGO4 & Gimbal on H920 ProAction &...
  8. W

    St-24 transmitter

    This is a controller used twice for a camera operator.. New $1,200 Sale $650
  9. T

    Trouble with binding H920 and CGO4 (Also need ST24 manual)

    Greetings. I am a happy owner with both a q500+ and an H920 with CGO4. I've flown the H920 ship a couple times with no issues. However, now that I have the CGO4 hooked up, I have video from it but it just hangs there and wobbles back and forth like it has a mild case of sluggish Parkinson's. Of...