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steady grip

  1. Nobel Drones


    does yuneec make any action cam/steady grip thats compatible with the cgo3+ because im looking to hook up a cgo3+ with something besides a drone
  2. F

    CGO APP Problem - DNG files

    Hi to all, i'm trying to use the steadygrip with my CGO3 camera,but in the picutures setup, when i chose the output format and select the DNG the app freez. If i try to exit the menu and return to the camera view there is no preview, it's all just black screen. Does anyone know how to solve this...
  3. jazzman81

    Yuneec Steady Cam CGO3+ Hack

    Here's a hack for the Yuneec SteadyCam that will work with the Yuneec CGO3+. I bought the Yuneec Typhoon H drone with the understanding that there would be a hand held platform available for the drone's camera. Yuneec sells the ActionCam, but its sold with the CGO3+ and I already own a CGO3+. I...
  4. RecceGuy

    No wifi link using steadygrip and CG03 app

    Unable to link CGO3 camera to wifi via iphone app using steadygrip. Something strange with this -- have been using this cam on the steadygrip many times - never had a link problem. When attempting to link my Wi-fi settings, it does not recognize the CGO3, stating 'No Internet Connection". Can't...
  5. Copper Angel

    which ipad or other tablet to buy so I can use the SteadyGrip

    I just received my Q500 4K today. As I was afraid would be the case, my Asus Memo Pad is NOT compatible with the CGO3 app. I really want to use the SteadyGrip! That was a big selling point for me in choosing this quadcopter. I would very much appreciate advice on which ipad or other tablet to...
  6. D

    Typhoon H Issues

    So I am writing in attempt to see if anyone has made more headway than I have in regards to a few different issues with the Typhoon H. 1) If anyone here uses a Mac then you've probably ran into the issue where when using any editing software available you get non stop light video skipping...
  7. YummyPT

    Steadygrip with gopro

    Does anyone know where can I get the gimbal for GoPro 3/4, to install it on a steadygrip? I don't find any place that sells this part only. It would be nice to buy it from Europe also... This way I could be recording on the ground with the steadygrip and flying at the same time (2 people of...