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  1. Nobel Drones


    Hi guys I wanted to know how much extra space I have on the st16 for pictures videos etc. Any extra stuff that I have on the PAD. Thank You
  2. CzarMark

    Breeze Battery Storage

    I've been reading a great deal about proper battery storage for optimal battery life. There seems to be a lot of information for many Yuneec products, but not the Breeze. As this is the first winter since I purchased my Breeze and I live in Northeastern Wisconsin, I don't think I'll have many...
  3. Merlin

    Battery Storage - How long is too long?

    Hi, I've spend quite some time trawling through the forums trying to get a better understanding of Lithium Polymer batteries. I now have a good idea of the ideal storage voltage and storage temperatures but how long before a flight is it OK to charge them up? I like to be ready well in advance...
  4. Merlin

    Battery storage voltage.

    Are there any tips out there on how to get the Typhoon H batteries to their storage voltage using the supplied charger? Say, land at first warning and then charge for 15 minutes.. Or charge for x minutes for each 10th if a volt below the storage voltage when you land?

    Backpack extra storage space

    Hey pilots... Looking for extra storage space in your Typhoon H backpack? Many of you have realized that the top portion has some nice real estate that is unused. In this video I use the simplest method (one that I've used on backpacks in the past) to secure items to the top lid.... plain old...
  6. Chris McMillan

    SD cards, ST16 and CGO3+- Difference?

    Hi gang, Too much time here to think, by product of not having the H yet. I'm intrigued by the SD card situation, one in the camera and another in the ST16. I presume they serve different purposes? What does each card store? I've seen one report that you can access data files on the ST16 by...