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telemetry data

  1. Pöllö

    Telemetry data to the ST16

    Hi, Here is a little piece of Arduino code to experiment with, if someone wants to send telemetry data back to the ST16 from a custom-built drone. There is still some work to do with the data fields, but this should get you started. I had to write this to test ST16 telemetry for my Typhoon H...
  2. M

    Convert log to UTM

    I was finally able to retrieve the flight data files from my ST16 controller. However, now I have tlog files which I can't upload to Airdata... How can I convert those tlog files to utm-format? (exporting utm-files on the external micro sd doesn't work either - error message "error creating...
  3. RichA

    Do you have a damaged E90?

    If any of you H520 flyers out there have damaged your E90 camera, I might be interested in it. So, if it has mechanical or optical damage and you don't have any use for it, I might be able to provide it a good home and a new lease on life! Here's some background - I'm keen on buying an H520...
  4. N

    FSK_RSSI 0 values during flight.

    I was flying the other day with my new Typhoon H in watch me mode and it twitched enough that the props show up on the video, I thought it was going to crash. With my heart racing I got it to land. I had full battery GPS, all batteries charged. I downloaded the telemetry logs and I see 0's...
  5. M

    Lesson on Telemtry data. Useful for Pilot log book?

    Anyone know how to use the telemetry data to fill out a pilots log book say a week after a flight. You know, for those lazy days where you just want to get home for a beer and forget to fill out the days flights.