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  1. C

    Two Yuneec H520s w/ hard case and cameras for sale

    Two *broken* H250s with accessories that could be fixed or used for parts. One H250 with a missing arm and motor One H250 with a missing landing gear with spare parts GPC case & Pelican 1620 case 2 E90 cameras (blue mount needs base plate repaired and red mount camera does not connect on...
  2. D

    New Products from Yuneec as of 8/5/21

    Disclaimer: I am not from Yuneec...but i do know a guy! As of today Yuneec has a couple of new payload options for the H520E. There are only a few units available...and I don't know their price points yet but can find out. First up is a Multispectral called LaQuinta (by dB2Vision). Second is...
  3. D

    H920 flir thermal camera adapters

    Hi All, Could you please tell me is there any option to adapt Flir Dou Pro R or just single Flir thermal cameras to H920?? Regards Karol
  4. Drones.scot

    CGOet Camera for H520

    Only been used twice, as new. This camera was purchased just over a year ago but was only used twice. I am looking for £1300, ONO. I am based in Perth, Scotland so if you are close by you can pick up otherwise I will post it out to UK residents.
  5. Drones.scot

    CGOET recording thermal video?

    After taking the H520 out to test the thermal camera I noticed that there was two videos saved on the ST16 and not on the camera SD card, one named "date/time" and the other "date/time/thermal. Here's a one drive link to both Public Have any of you seen anything from Yuneec on this?