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tornado h920 plus

  1. danomite24

    Camera connection to controller

    Hello everyone, I've been having a problem with connecting my cgo4 to the controller. It takes like two to three times to connect. I mean, I have have control to turn off the camera, but no video on screen. And even when I fly at times the video goes out and I have to bring it down and reset it...
  2. S

    H920 Plus and Q500 For Sale

    Yuneec Drones for Sale I’m not a dealer. I’m thinning out my Drone Hanger. ***SOLD*** Tornado H920 Plus Newest model. Only 5 short flights done on this bird. Includes… Travel Case ST16 Ground Station Controller with spare battery CGO4 Camera R10 Charging station with cables ProAction Ground...
  3. Biztruth

    H920 camera adapter

    QUESTION: Has anyone tried the new E90 camera with the Tornado H920 Plus bird using the Yuneec YUNH920P104 camera adapter...?
  4. Breizhdrone

    H920 + camera adapter for CGO3+ & CGO-ET

    Hi, With the new H920 Plus camera adapter from Yuneec, the Tornado H920 Plus can now also be equipped with the CGO3+ 4K gimbal camera as well as with the CGO-ET thermal imaging camera known from the Typhoon H. Recommended retail price: 149 € with VAT in Europe. More infos in english: H920...
  5. G

    Duration of Tornado H920 Plus flight time

    Hi, I bought a Tornado H920 Plus I'm very disappointed with flying times far below the 24 minutes advertised by Yuneec. With three batteries the flight time is only 9 minutes and with two batteries the flight time is 12 minutes after which I get the low battery message. Yuneec told me it's just...
  6. G

    H920 Plus & A7SII - unicorn or realistic?

    Hi all, Typhoon H owner for a year. Love it. My first drone and all I ever broke in a year were two props using it as an aerial hedge trimmer. Bought it for filmmaking and having an aerial perspective has been life-changing. For that very reason I am ready to move up to a higher level of...
  7. Breizhdrone

    New Tornado H920 Plus with st16

    Hi, In the new package: propellers in standard - CG04 camera (16 Mpx, 4K 30FPS,100 Mbps) - Compatibles lens: 3x Optical Zoom14-42mm(Standard), OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm f2.0, OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm f1.8, OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ - ground station (no more...
  8. B

    Yuneec Tornado H920- Return of the Hex. (It never went away.)

    Is the Tornado H920 Plus the next step up from Typhoon H? Hard to say but Yuneec has certainly taken the Typyhoon H and added some cool technology behind it. What I like best about the Tornado H920 is if you have had experience with the Typhoon H, you should be able to pick up from this point...