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  1. JohnL

    The ST16, flight logs, and GPS Tracking

    I've seen a couple of posts here in the last couple of days WRT GPS trackers. I've got a question which I will post to all you members here but in particular would like to hear from @Tuna as he seems to be totally "tuned in" with his current Flight Center app. Does there exist an app that...
  2. Chris McMillan

    Best way of tracking drone via smartphone?

    Any thoughts out there, or is it best to go for self contained deal, like Marco Polo?
  3. Fleamac

    GPS tracker for flyaways

    Hey gang! I just activated a small tracker. It comunicates via sms texts. It's the TK 102-2. $24 on Amazon. I used a prepaid H20 sim card for $.01 and loaded it with $10.00. I attached it to the top inside of a leg on the Q500 4K with a velcro strap. Some reviews complain about it being hard to...