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  1. J

    ST16 as Universal Transmitter

    Been looking at getting building a racer FPV drone and wondering if I can program the ST16 as a universal transmitter? I know it has advanced channel settings... Can it communicate a third-party flight controller?
  2. C

    Typhoon G Transmitter

    Does anyone know where I can find a controller for my typhoon G? Also may need a new receiver.. Thank you any help is appreciated. Very new to the drone scene:)
  3. T

    ST-16 Signal Booster & Battery Bracket Holder?

    Hi just curious to know whether or not anyone knows of anywhere that makes any sort of bracket for the ST-16 that is used for holding signal boosters & a battery on it. Similar to the ones that MaxxUav makes for other Manufacturers drone transmitters. Thank You Tom C.
  4. B

    Typhoon h team mode

    Hey first time posting here. I've been flying my Typhoon H for about 4 months now and want to start using it in team mode for better shots. I really don't want to buy another ST16 for that. Does anybody have any suggestions on a different one that would work. It doesn't have to have a screen...
  5. W

    Will the ST-10 Work with the Typhoon H? Anyone know for sure ?

    I want to use two controllers with team mode and would like to know if I use st-10 it will work or do I need an ST-16?... Already know the Wizard works but I'm used to flying with sticks... Thanks!!
  6. B

    Longer Video Transmitter for a longer range on in distance out

    Hello everyone , I have a great question to be answered so the wireless transmitter it came with kinda dies out after going about 70ft out in distance I want to get a distance of 500ft or very very close to it , please can some one help me with this flying it only 70 feet away is pretty...