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  1. dltan888

    HELP: Any case/bag for Typhoon H that meets airline requirements? Experiences? Issues? Suggestions?

    Are there any bags/cases you guys use for traveling with the Typhoon H on an airplane? I prefer CARRY ON LUGGAGE, but if you guys checked in your Typhoon H what bag/case did you also use to ensure it's safe? What Im currently looking at: Typhoon H Backpack (soft case small by Yuneec HUL...
  2. C

    Does the Typhoon H backpack fit as a carry-on for flights?

    Hi All: I'm planning to take my Typhoon H on an upcoming trip and was curious if anyone knew if the H's backpack would fit as a carry-on either in the overhead bins or in the space under seats for a small regional jet. Two legs of my trip are being done on regional jets and the third leg is...
  3. doraemmoonn

    Share my traveling video in India by Breeze

    in outdoor flight I like use Journey mode. Its easy and no need control so much. limit distance fly to 60m and will auto come back. Warning: if you are visit India and flying drone. Don't flying in Taj Mahal area.