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typhoon battery

  1. B

    New batteries are erroring when trying to charge

    I got new batteries for my TYPHOON H, and they keep erroring after a 30 secs, And sometimes when I unplug the charger and plug it back in with no battery's plugged into it, its says its balancing cells.
  2. W

    Super cheap Typhoon H battery deal on Amazon

    I have no idea if this a mistake, but whatever. There is a coupon on the battery listing page for 30% off (just click the redeem button), then they are giving 10% off if you buy two. Take a look at my checkout. I got both batteries for $84 shipped two day! The reviews are all positive, seem...
  3. Robert007

    typhoon h batteries

    I am looking to buy 2 lipo batteries for Yuneec Typhoon h drone. Message me back at [email protected] , thanks Bob
  4. Robert007

    typhoon h batteries

    I am trying to locate some inexpensive typhoon h batteries online, less than $ 75.00 , anyone have any website,s to try ?
  5. Chris McMillan

    Battery shock in Oz

    just checking the latest quote on H batteries here guys in Oz... Not good news... This one wants just on $190 for one! Yuneec Drones | Yuneec Typhoon Quadcopters New Surely they should be a little cheaper than that... Maybe $150 would be fair? I've got a couple on back order in the US for...
  6. Chris McMillan

    Battery care

    As there's so many experienced Yuneec pilots on here, what's the best treatment for the H battery. Should you recharge regardless at the end of the day, even though you're down to, say, only 15v? Or should you wait until its discharged more after another flight. (Bearing in mind "low" warnings)
  7. J

    Selling brand new Typhoon H PayPal excepted only.

    Selling my Typhoon H that I just got about 5 days ago. I prefer my DJI P4 so I have no need for It and can only keep one. As a bonus I could include a second charging dock for the battery. I'm asking for $1500 shipping included feel free to make me a reasonable offer. Thank you and good...
  8. Chris McMillan

    A taste of Oz prices

    Just to give you an idea of UAV costing here.... BTW when it says "pack" that's not multiple batteries, that's for one..... Eyes watering yet?