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typhoon h battery

  1. R

    (SOLD to the disposal dump) Yuneec Typhoon H Battery (Puffy) for sale (dirt cheap)

    I have a puffy Typhoon H battery that the person who sold it to me tried to convince me over and over that it was safe and would work fine, that it was always stored at safe storage capacity and never overcharged, damaged, etc. I personally will never fly with a puffy battery no matter what I am...
  2. Aguster

    GiFi 8050mAh H480 Battery...

    Looks like they're available on eBay only from Hong Kong for $106. Anyone had an opportunity to try one yet? I purchased one yesterday and am very curious to see how they perform. I'm not convinced about GiFi cell quality or where they're actually sourcing cells that generate 2012.5mAh (give...
  3. N

    New Product? Venom Pro 4-Port [Cradle] Charger for Typhoon H

    (Updated 02Mar17) New Product? Venom Pro 4-Port [Cradle] Charger for Typhoon H Greetings! After following you all for awhile, learning, looking for advice, and researching (battery chargers most recently), I decided to jump in and officially join the club. Why? I was about to pull the...
  4. A

    Using Typhoon H charger for steadycam

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone uses the charger for the typhoon H for the handheld steadycam? On the charger 19.0V - 4.74A on the steadycam battery 1400mAh 3S/11.1V 3C (15.54Wh) Thanks! Graham
  5. B

    GiFi 7000 mAh Battery

    I did get one of this recently. On the first flight it flew almost 18 minutes but after that it gives me same amount of time as the Yuneec batteries give or take a few seconds. I am charging this using the charger that comes with the H. I now suspect that It does not charge the Gifi above 5400...
  6. Y

    Great Item!!!

    SSE Voltage Battery Tester with LCD Display and LED Indication For Yuneec Q500, Q500+, Q500 4K and Typhoon H Batteries
  7. jarvis

    Typhoon H drone Battery terminals???

    Can someone help me by looking inside your drone to see if you have 2 or 3 battery terminals within your drone itself? Right now I only see 2 in mine and don't know if it was 3, please let me know. Thank you!
  8. 0ldsc00ld0g

    B&H has H battery's in stock and will price match, a little bird told me.

    And the bird has one on the way. Free shipping. $109.99
  9. W

    Typhoon H Battery

    Hello I have one extra battery and would like to sell it. Call 609 234-0864 or Pm me if interested $150
  10. J

    Just got my "Typhoon H" is it suppose to only... update*

    Is Typhoon H only suppose to come with one flight LiPo battery? Mine just came in today from Adorama with the wizard. Charging up the batteries for first flight on this sunny beautiful day in California. Any Way's any pointers guys? Update* I'm so disappointed to announce that my Typhoon H is...
  11. M

    BHPhotovideo.com selling Typhoon H batter for $83.99 Preorder

    Hi Guys, Just thought I'd share this with you all Typhoon H pilots. BhPhotovideo.com is selling Yuneec Typhoon H battery for $83.99 Preorder. I bought 2! Here is the link:YUNEEC 5400 mAh LiPo Battery for Typhoon H Hexacopter YUNTYH105 Good luck!