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  1. J

    How to get DNG files to show up on computer?

    I recently got the Typhoon H and plugged the SD card from the camera into my computer for the first time... The videos play no problem but the pictures won't show up and will just say I have to install additional codecs for the file to work. I've read online that a lot of people just open up the...
  2. The_GingerHulk

    New Typhoon H owner with...need suggestions on a couple things.

    Hey everyone!!! Just got myself a used H for a killer price. Coming from a Q500...so i'm somewhat familiar with the Yuneec products. I have two issues/concerns I could use some suggestions on: 1. My landing gear will not fold up once up in the air. You can see it try to activate but it wont...
  3. Dronetto

    Typhoon H + GPC Hard Case

    Typhoon H with a GPC Hard Case. $1000 OBO I also have an additional GPC Hard casse for sale $200 + shipping or pick up. New open box, never been flown. Local pickup (Chatsworth, CA) or $50 to ship.
  4. trailrunnerx

    Guffrida Park, Meriden, CT Feedback encouraged

    Friends, took a little flight at this local park, footage didn't quite come out to my expectations, but I tried to edit what I had in to a short video, I'm obviously very new at piloting and taking video with this platform, but I am enjoying the leaning curve.
  5. trailrunnerx

    Icy Connecticut River Central CT from Typhoon H

    Took a quick shot of the ice jam currently near my home, need to figure out how to make my videos more dynamic, think maybe slide the control closer to "rabbit" lol