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  1. K9 aerial solutions

    Using Video on Typhoon H without the motors running?

    I have a project I’m working on and need to know if the video on Typhoon H will record and take pictures without the motors running? Will the landing gear go up without the motors running? If video will work, how long do you estimate the video will run (time wise) without the motors running...
  2. JMolter

    How to get DNG files to show up on computer?

    I recently got the Typhoon H and plugged the SD card from the camera into my computer for the first time... The videos play no problem but the pictures won't show up and will just say I have to install additional codecs for the file to work. I've read online that a lot of people just open up the...
  3. The_GingerHulk

    New Typhoon H owner with...need suggestions on a couple things.

    Hey everyone!!! Just got myself a used H for a killer price. Coming from a Q500...so i'm somewhat familiar with the Yuneec products. I have two issues/concerns I could use some suggestions on: 1. My landing gear will not fold up once up in the air. You can see it try to activate but it wont...
  4. Dronetto

    Typhoon H + GPC Hard Case

    Typhoon H with a GPC Hard Case. $1000 OBO I also have an additional GPC Hard casse for sale $200 + shipping or pick up. New open box, never been flown. Local pickup (Chatsworth, CA) or $50 to ship.
  5. trailrunnerx

    Guffrida Park, Meriden, CT Feedback encouraged

    Friends, took a little flight at this local park, footage didn't quite come out to my expectations, but I tried to edit what I had in to a short video, I'm obviously very new at piloting and taking video with this platform, but I am enjoying the leaning curve.
  6. trailrunnerx

    Icy Connecticut River Central CT from Typhoon H

    Took a quick shot of the ice jam currently near my home, need to figure out how to make my videos more dynamic, think maybe slide the control closer to "rabbit" lol