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  1. sdsurf86

    A better gimble

    Guys i am new to the typhoon and this site so please excuse me if this is a duplicated thread, but I was wondering if I could get anyone’s recommendations on a better gimble to switch out my current stock one. It’s a great drone and everything but I wanted something that could zoom in and out...
  2. Breizhdrone

    Typhoon H480 Upgrade and new C23 camera

    Hi, A good news from Yuneec, Yuneec Europe and UK annonce that new C23 camera sell with Typhoon H Plus fit with old H480 copter ! At what price is the next question ? Some talk about US $ 900.00 Owners who decide to upgrade their Typhoon H will be rewarded with improved residual light...
  3. S

    Computers, video cards and other hardware for 4K. What do you use?

    Finding now that my PC can't handle the 4K video that I'm capable of doing. It's an older AMD board with a NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT card. It can't keep up and video is jerky. What do you others have for hardware and cards that handle 4K without issues? I need to be able to view and edit without...
  4. A

    3.97mm f/2.8 Typhoon H Lens Upgrade

    So I recently took on the lens upgrade but my 3.97mm f/2.8 Lens did not come with the threaded mount and this is an issue in my case because our Typhoon H has a smooth barrel. After some TENSE work into removing the lens i found out it is a fixed glued lens. Do any of you have some "Hacks" i am...
  5. C

    PixAero Lens Upgrade

    Has anyone done the lens upgrade on the newer style of CGO3+ lens. Mine has the fixed lens that is glued to the sensor board. I understand that i will need to remove this and use the screw adapter that the Pixaero comes with, but unsure as to how to remove the stock lens. Any help or photos of...
  6. V

    After upgrade firmware my Typhoon not connect with the controller FIXED

    I did everything is possible at the moment without successful. I need help I am from Venezuela and cannot send this to service cause is so complicated.
  7. D

    Replace stock wifi antenna

    Hi, I've got this wifi antenna : TP-Link TL-ANT2408CL Antenne WiFi d'intérieur omnidirectionnelle gain de 8dBi:Amazon.fr:Informatique Is it a good idea to test with this one ? (I already got it) How many db have stock antenna? Thank you