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  1. S

    Help how bad is it? USB plugged into phone charger

    i have just bought a brand new breeze and had it on my table with my son I told him we just need to charge it up and we get to fly I had left for 2 Mins to get the charger when I returned my so had plugged the USB port on the drone into the phone charger I immediately pulled it out not knowing...
  2. B

    Expanding ST16 battery life

    Has anyone tried to extend the battery life on their ST16 by using a USB battery pack/power bank? I've tried a couple of times to charge the st16 while operating using the external battery packs. I can get the battery to maintain its current charge but never actually charge. Last time I tried...
  3. Chris McMillan

    Can I update firmware on my Mac?

    Hi, I'm awaiting, as are many others, my Typhoon H I'm just searching for any info re updating firmware...... All seem to involve Windows..... I have a Mac... Do they supply either/or dongles, or does Yuneec assume everyone has PC's? Any help is welcome, Cheers
  4. B

    Longer Video Transmitter for a longer range on in distance out

    Hello everyone , I have a great question to be answered so the wireless transmitter it came with kinda dies out after going about 70ft out in distance I want to get a distance of 500ft or very very close to it , please can some one help me with this flying it only 70 feet away is pretty...
  5. FilmIdol

    Not able to communicate through USB

    I was trying to do an inspection of a 1,000' radio tower using the Typhoon. Imagine my surprise when I hit 400' and it wouldn't go any higher (yes, I know there are legalities over that height, but it was a protected tower with lights and everything). I found I can adjust max-height by using...