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water damage

  1. Carl H

    Typhoon went for a swim. Advice Please

    My Typhoon H decided to bounce up with a mind of it's own after landing; flip; and walk it's way into a fresh water lake. I pulled it from the water fully submerged in less than 3 seconds; electrons are faster than 3 seconds; I know... Smoke was coming from the battery compartment; most...
  2. C

    Water damage to ESC and GPS

    My Q500 got blown away in a storm. It crashed in a forest. By some miracle, I found it within minutes of looking for it after the storm. It also had minimal damage, only one broken prop and the camera popped off. It was in the rain for hours though and after letting it dry for a few days I...
  3. M

    Renegade Breeze

    Got the Breeze and have been happily flying it for the past few months training for aerial photos/videos of our vacation. I put it up in the air while on the beach in Maldives. The Breeze lost connection multiple times and was not responding to inputs. I was finally able to regain control and...
  4. L

    Lost Signal, Almost Had It to Shore .... In the water 4 ft out!!

    Hello, Advice? I grabbed it within 20 seconds, power was still on. I dried it out completely after quickly pulling the battery out. Lights come on, it makes all the right noises, but it will not connect to the controller, and will not start. Camera seems to work fine. My first drone...
  5. M

    My q500 g sank... but it still flies!

    This past weekend I had an incident where my q500 g had a crashed into a dock, and it flipped over and went underwater, about 9 feet down. The copter remained powered on while I dove in and retrieved it (in about 50 degree water, 40 degree air, brrrrrrrr). It was making the "flatline" sound...